My Father’s Son 

You see, it was my father who first told me, “You are man, you come from a line of great men”. I believed him. For this much was true. As he walked me to school from tender age, he’d speak to me. And then at night when I slept he’d go through my books… I remember the early morning sessions we had before I had to go to school. And he made sure I attended the best. 

I know one truth, and I learnt from my father, you can be the best at whatever you will if your mind is set to it. Even if you fail it doesn’t lessen your knowledge or skill, you just didn’t get it right then. Try again. 

I miss those conversations. I hold these memories close to my heart. For I know even in the face of all my troubles, his voice remains strong… Like it was yesterday I told him a story of certain setbacks in my life… And he said, “Son, if they treat you bad, they don’t deserve you”. 

I know a better deal will come. I only wish I had one more conversation with the man. My father. He was a great man. And he lives in me. I am my father’s son.


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